dutch Futurismo

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New audiovisual project 2015 Dutch Futurismo

Dutch Futurismo’s Festival of Misfits is a welcome addition to Ektro Records’ series of releases by Hungarian-born artists and musicians Éva Polgár and Sándor Vály. Working with Nea Lindgren and Mikael Jurmu, Polgár and Vály enter the soundscapes of Spanish seashores, streets, flats and ateliers, where their music takes an unpredictable course. The procession of whimsical improvisations, peculiar solutions and impossible circumstances was recorded with a single microphone. Performed on instruments built from scrap materials from streets and dumpsters, Dutch Futurismo brings together Arte Povera and Dada. While impinging the obvious conventions of making music, Dutch Futurismo’s unruly approach also taps into the Cagean tradition of widening the horizons of what is perceived as music in the first place, as each sound on the album lives and breathes according to its own unapologetic logic.

Dutch Futurismo’s Festival of Misfits celebrates the 100th Anniversary of Dada by reciting poems and proclamations of Dadaists Kurt Schwitters, Hugo Ball, Hans Arp and Francis Picabia.

Dutch Futurismo: Nea Lindgrén - Mikael Jurmu - Éva Polgár - Sándor Vály